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Your First Massage

Meet and Greet

What to expect

     Upon arriving at Appleton Therapies you enter into a calming atmosphere of tranquility. There you'll be met by your professional massage therapist. If you have not done so online, you will be given new client forms to fill out pertaining to your medical history (past/present), and any other physical conditions that your therapist should be made aware of. Your therapist will then review and discuss this information with you in order to tailor your session to meet your specific needs.

Your Massage Session

Your massage session will begin with you entering into a treatment room with an ambiance of relaxation and wellness from the massage music (unless otherwise requested) to the smell-scape of aromatherapy. A massage table with clean, comfortable sheets, adjustable table warmer, and nice warm blanket await you. A locker for your personal belongings is provided for you as well. Your therapist will then leave the room and allow you a few minutes to undress to your level of comfort; whether completely undressing, or remain partially clothed. After undressing you'll either lie face down, or face up at your therapist's request, underneath the top sheet and blanket on the massage table. Your therapist will then lightly knock on the door and ask if you are ready to begin before entering in.

During Your Session

During the massage session you are draped with the top sheet and blanket at all times except for the area being worked on to ensure that your modesty is respected. Your body is greeted with the most caring of hands, using the highest quality of hypoallergenic massage creams, gels, lotions, and asks that if at any time during the session you feel any discomfort, or a technique, stroke or stretch is uncomfortable, that you IMMEDIATELY inform your therapist. Your session, depending on your specific needs, will be customized towards stress relief, pain relief, and relaxation or to focus on certain areas at your request. (See video)

Your Wellness Guaranteed

Once your massage session is complete, your therapist will inform you that the session has ended, and step out of the room for you to redress. You will then be given water and taken back to the lobby where your therapist will review their assessment of your session with you, and discuss any suggestions, recommendations, and plans they have for your wellness goals; whether to do at home, or for any future visits. 

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